Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Nuge and Neil Prescott, AKA Joker wannabe

What do these two have in common do you ask?  Well I'll tell you oh inquisitive one.

The one on top seems to think that if everyone in the Aurora movie theater had been packing heat that a lot less people would have been killed.  I'm troubled by the concept that people with handguns in a movie theater under-fire, dark with changing lighting from the movie and smoke from the tear gas for those of you who need a little more to set the seen, could successfully engage the shooter with less loss of life.  Oh that's right, collateral damage seems to be overlooked by a lot of scared people who think more of their personal arsenals than any other human being.
The one on the bottom has bitten into the clich√© of going postal.  He hoarded weapons, was probably a real opinionated joy to work with (or totally introverted), and contracted for a company that automates postal stuff until his contract was terminated. 
They both think that hosing people down with weapons is an acceptable answer to their life issues.  I am an NRA member and I am just waiting for the dues to run out.  I agree that the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms...(important stuff here too by the way), but how is society bettered by people feeling like they have to pack heat to go to the movies, out to dinner or heaven forbid to work unless part of their job requires them to be armed?

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